Duffy's Forest, NSW, Australia
Waratah Park Nature Reserve Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the Iconic home of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, and the location of the hit 1960’s TV series. Located at Duffy’s Forest in Sydney, this beautiful 13 hectare property is under constant threat of development. Our group is dedicated to making sure that this does not happen. We do not want to see another piece of Australian history lost to development. As one supporter has aptly said “Knocking down Waratah Park would be like knocking down the Opera House”.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recieved an email From the Premier

Dear Ms Edmonds

The Premier has received your recent email concerning the Waratah Earth Sanctuary.

As the matter you have raised primarily concerns the administration of the Minister for Climate Change and the Environment, Minister for Energy, Minister for Corrective Services, Minister for Public Sector Reform and Special Minister of State, the Hon J C Robertson, MLC, the Premier has arranged to bring your approach to the Minister’s attention.

You may be sure that your comments will receive close consideration.

Yours sincerely

Emanuel Sklavounos
for Director General

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