Duffy's Forest, NSW, Australia
Waratah Park Nature Reserve Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the Iconic home of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, and the location of the hit 1960’s TV series. Located at Duffy’s Forest in Sydney, this beautiful 13 hectare property is under constant threat of development. Our group is dedicated to making sure that this does not happen. We do not want to see another piece of Australian history lost to development. As one supporter has aptly said “Knocking down Waratah Park would be like knocking down the Opera House”.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A very moving Video

This was emailed to me by one of the friends of Waratah.
I moved me to tears..




  1. Thank you Penny for your addition of this video to your blog, when I saw the state of the park via a visit with the Home & Away film crew I was in tears myself.

    This place is of national importance, and is know all around the world.

    Sadly it seems here in Oz we do not find the historical importance of such sites important until its almost too late, those developers would love this prime piece of real estate. Considering the remotness of the location and no spotlight on the area it almost happened.

    Leo, producer of Where's Skippy

  2. I assume you have already done this, but have you tried to get Terri and Bindi Irwin involved in this project? Even if their company doesn't want to just buy the property outright, perhaps they can help get you more publicity to save the site as a park or recreational area.

    Also - perhaps the state or national govt. could do a land swap with the developers, giving them another, goverment owned parcel of equal value that they can develop, in exchange for Waratah.


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